How Can I Help?

How to use this website to make your voice heard:

This website has been built for one reason; to ensure that those of us who live in Western Colorado within view of the Colorado National Monument can preserve the precious treasure we call our home by protecting our lands and lifestyles from the overreach and incompetence of federal agencies.

  • Read the articles, become familiar with the facts–the very real dangers associated with national park status.
  • Sign the petition by clicking on the button and adding your name to the growing list of Friends of the Colorado National Monument.
  • Use the social media share buttons on each page to broadcast these realities near and far, on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest, etc.
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  • Visit our website daily to get updates.
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  • Contact Representative Tipton and tell him you OPPOSE national park status.
  • Contact Senator Udall and tell him you OPPOSE national park status.