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The BLM’s Shocking Plan to Shut Down 140 Million Acres


The internal Department of the Interior document titled “Treasured Landscapes”, was not meant to be released for public consumption. The House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee, however, obtained and published the 2009 draft in an effort to create public awareness of the shocking plan within the BLM and other government agencies to confiscate hundreds of millions of acres across the country through the creation of national monuments, national parks, wilderness areas and other protected zones.

The Introduction of this “discussion paper” details a 21st Century plan to “finalize appropriate conservation designations” of areas in the United States equivalent to the size of Wyoming and Colorado combined, overcoming “jurisdictional boundaries” (read state and private property rights) to create “a modern landscape-level management system…” In other words, the BLM, in concert with other agencies such as the National Park Service and Forest Service, plans to shut off roughly 1/10 of open American lands to human activity.

The “Treasured Landscapes” plan is being implemented by the current administration, as seen in a number of “Presidential declarations” which have, by executive order, created several new national monuments and protected areas without public comment or Congressional action. It gets worse.

Read the entire text of the internal document here: 

Friends of the Colorado National Monument has fought to keep a local treasure, a fixture of our daily lives, from undergoing a bureaucratic metamorphosis into a restrictive and risky national park. As plans of federal government agencies are revealed, it becomes clear that they view human beings as a problem to be solved, and not as citizens to be served.

Please read and share this chilling document with everyone you know.


Endangered in America: Private Property

The following article by Michael S. Coffmann, PhD., was published in the Fall 2005 edition of Range Magazine. Using maps and policy research, he has built a chilling scenario that should get the attention of all Americans who value personal liberty and private property.

The full 6 page article complete with maps and further data can be read in the Fall 2005 edition of Range Magazine. Please read more here.

Reposted with the permission of Range Magazine.